About Me

Hey Kids. I’m Serenity and I REALLY love to explore. Probably just like you.

My parents, my six year old brother Sojourn, and I spend a lot of time traveling. And hiking. And on the beach. And exploring in general. I wish there were better travel guides for kids like me. So I decided to make one.

I live in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Which is a small island off the coast of Africa that is part of Spain. We moved from California a few years ago and I’m learning all the ins and outs. All these new rules means we aren’t leaving the island much this year. So I’m going to focus on the best Kid places to visit when you come to the Canary Islands.


Harry Potter Fan

I am a Ravenclaw and Luna Lovegood is the best character ever . When i was six, i saw the second movie and was convinced that a giant basilisk would come out of the toilet and eat my butt. So I refused to go potty alone for six months. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone was the first book i read on my own. and started my love for fantasy books.

Reading Books

My kindle shows I’ve read 790 days in a row. Between Dad and I, we’ve read 67 books so far in 2020 and last year we read 86. All times favorite series include Harry Potter, Hearstriker, Song of the Lioness, Land of Stories, The Selection, Hunger Games, Ready Player One, Penderwicks, Alactra Vs the Evil Librarians, anything by Judy Bloom…


I’m part fish. Which really makes me a mermaid and I’m down with that. I love to play on the beach, swim to the barra, count the fish and try to do as many summersaults in a row as possible. Dad dreams of swimming with sharks. I swam with a hundred butterfly rays in La Gomera, which was ridiculously cool, but I’ll pass on sharks, thank you very much.


Our family travels a lot. I mean A LOT. We hit 13 countries in 2019. My all time favorite trips were to Japan and Scotland. Visiting dad’s family in Paris made that long weekend really special. We love exploring so much we named my little brother Sojourn, and just call him trip.

A Huge Thanks to My Family.

You might think I do all this amazing stuff by myself. Sure I could drive, fly, and rescue lost kittens in need. But you would be wrong. This whole adventure thing is a team effort. That is my mom, Julie. She is really really hard working and really pretty,. She is our organizer. Mom is a Gryffindor and is really passionate about justice. I think she could be a Ravenclaw too. Sojourn is my little brother. He’s pretty dang annoying but I love the heck out of him. He’s a super hiker for a six year old and can even keep up with me. My dad Shane is my editor, web designer, and I sometimes jump on him when we are writing. Like right now… ough, get off me Sassy it hurts. We pick adventures together and like to be silly. Dad refuses to take the Pottermore test, but some day I will win and officially sort him. I think he is Gryffindor too like mom.

Let’s adventure together.