Ventana Del Nublo


Hike for the Whole Family

Fun meter: Glad we did it
Adventure: Hike
Distance: 3.6 km
Time: 3 hours with lunch
Where: At the top of Gran Canaria
Level of difficulty: Eazy peazy
Good for what ages: 4 year & older
Cost: Free
Access: Long windy roads
Hint: Pack everything.


This was an easy hike and even the littles had no problem. We hiked for about 3 hours total including a lunch break and covered 3.5-4km. It was mostly flat but there was definitely some up and down. The trail was in the woods and the view was pretty cool. I bet it gets cold way up here in winter, but in September it was hot.

The Crew

Dad’s friends just moved from Germany to Las Palmas with 5 year old twins and a 4 year old boy. Add my brother Sojourn (6) and that is a whole lot of little kids to herd along the trail. It’s a good thing I’m training to be a babysitter. We have been loving the beach, but missed the trees. So we hit the mountains to smell the pine sap. I love the smell of christmas and the crunch of the pine needles and everyone was ready for a break from the heat.

“I like the bugs. And the trees.”

— Sojourn (aka the Lorax) … “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. Its’s not.” Dr Suess.

Getting to Ventana Del Nublo

It was about an hour drive from our house in Las Canteras to Área recreativa de Bailico where we parked. The road was really windy, so put down your iPad, or you might throw up like the little kids in the other car. We could see the whole coast, the giant ships hanging out waiting to go back out to sea, and eventually ended up above the clouds. I saw tons of skinny long dogs and men in hunting outfits at the top of the mountain and learned that on Sundays, the locals hunt rabbits.

If you forgot food or water, there was a man with a food stand near the main intersection at the top of the mountain. We parked at the entrance to the campground, which was free and had plenty of space. The trailhead is at the end of the parking lot just by the main road and heads uphill. There is a wooden sign post for S-50, taking the direction of Cruz Grande Tunte.

You SHOULD Climb the Rocks

After 5-10 minutes of walking , we found a really tall rock that was perfect for climbing. It was pretty easy, even the 4 year old boy and his dad made it to the top. It them took longer than it took me, but no one was in a hurry (except the moms). Once I got to the top, I got my first peek of the Roque Nublo. It’s a giant rock that looks like a tall cloud near the very top of the mountain :). The kids and I climbed all kinds of rocks along the trail. We took our time and stopped a lot, and that made it fun!

Lunch at The Arch

The trail has good signs and we found the arch easily. Once we got to the arch, there were people in line to use the best photo spot, so we decided to have lunch first. I told dad to come take photos of me putting my feet over the edge of the cliff. He told me to be careful, but agreed as long as we didn’t tell mommy. But I told her anyways and she didn’t actually get mad. Go mom! It was a VERY tall cliff. The little kids built a rock castle and chased lizards. 

When we finished eating and playing, the arch was free for photo time. Okay, some tips. Dad climbed up on the rock across, but it turned out that wasn’t the secret spot. The best spot to take the photo, which frames Roque Nublo right in the middle of the arch, is up on the base of the arch itself to the left side. I climbed on top of the arch but the moms wouldn’t let the little kids do it. 

I’m pretty glad it was sunny and clear. While sometimes dad makes us do these hard giant hikes (grumble), this was not one of them. Anyone, from little kids to grandma are going to love it.