The Salt Pools del Pescante de Hermigua


Quick Facts

Fun meter: Can we do this again tomorrow?!?
Location: Hermigua, La Gomera
Adventure: Beach
Type: Salt Pools
Time: 1 hour or all day
Level of difficulty: easy
Good for what ages: All ages if you can swim
Cost: Free
Access: Parking with a 5min walk
Hint: The actual ocean part is fun but don’t do it if you are not really comfortable with swimming

An Overview

Along the north coast of La Gomera are amazing natural and man made salt pools. They sit at the base of giant alien pillars. This place looks like the I imagine the water world from hunger games. We just finished the second book! My little brother loved the warm wading pool filled with fish. But the natural pool is where the magic is at. There is a small cliff to jump off with deep water. My favorite is the natural water slide and trying to stand tall while the waves tried to knock all the kids over. This place is perfect for the hot days with small waves.

How to Get There

The main road was closed when we drove to the beach. Dad said it should take 5 minutes but it took 30 and was kinda scary. The sign said it will be open in a few days, so the trip should be easy for you. If you just go to Hermigua and follow the main road down,, you will get to a final roundabout. The left exit goes up the mountain and the straight / right exit leads you right to the beach of Hermigua. Everyone was parked on the road. We walked for about 5 minutes past the falling rocks signs, along steep cliffs and then down the steps to the pools.

La Calima Made Me Go

We were supposed to hike the cloud forests today. But as we walked into the visitor center, they explained the whole national park was shut down due to high temperatures and fires as a result of the calima. The calima is a sand storm from the Sahara desert in western Africa. It was 39.5deg and the air was full of sand. The park ranger told us to go swim at el Pescante de Hermigua.

The Salt Pool

The man made pool is quite large and pretty shallow for me, but Sojourn could not stand on his own. There were plenty of littles playing on the side and around the stairs. Its perfect for all ages and adults who want to enjoy the water without waves. Sojourn loved swimming in the warm water with all the fish. Yup, the pool is full of life. The stairs and sides of the pool were covered with slipper moss, so be careful where you step. Between you and I, I think the wading pool is a touch gross and headed right for the ocean.

The Ocean & The Jumping Place

There is a deep sheltered cove protected by rocks on all sides. The water was so blue. I mean bright, deep, gorgeous, stunning, absurd, … words don’t fail me now … blue. Even with clear goggles when I swam down the colors were vibrant. And the fish would tickle our toes. Jumping in was easy, and there were three ladders to help you get out. When the waves came through, the water moved a lot. It wasn’t hard swimming, but you have to know what you are doing.

The cove gets pretty deep. I couldn’t even get half way down to the bottom. That makes it perfect for jumping off the rocks! Lots of kids my age and older were jumping and diving off the big rock. Some even did crazy flips.

The Water Slide Challenge

Ok, it’s not really a slide. There is an opening between the rocks into the cove through which waves pushed white water. We would stand on the rock, with our feet underwater and try to stay standing while big waves tried to push you off. Don’t worry because right behind the opening is super deep. I got pushed way down once, but dad told me to stay calm and I would pop right back up. It was super fun and I can’t wait to go back.