Finca Marisa


Quick Facts

Fun meter: Can we come back here again!!!
Location: Tinajo, Lanzarote
Adventure: Place to stay
Type: Bed & Breakfast
Good for what ages: All ages
Cost: Dad says it is worth the price
Access: Private but limited parking
Hint: Some of the rooms have their own private heated Jacuzzi!
More Info: Website

A Note From Dad

When I asked the kids for their favorite experience in Lanzarote, they both answered … the bed and breakfast. 😂😭. And they really mean it. I’ll admit, it is a really special place. Given the tragic impact on local tourism due to COVID, I agreed to let her write this up. The owner did not pay her to write this, although Serenity wouldn’t object. If you head to Lanzarote, stay at Finca Marisa. This has been one of our favorite stays in three years and 14 countries.

An Overview

I’m not really sure why it’s called a finca. Maybe a long time ago it was a farm? This bed and breakfast is so pretty and fancy. AND FUN! The owners have 3 kids our age, and they understand what it means to travel with kids. Somehow they designed a place for adults to relax and kids to play without getting in each others way. I can’t say which was my favorite thing. Definitely the 3 hot Jacuzzis. And the wacky pool. And the playroom with foosball and billiards. And the play yard with the trampoline and tons of toys. And the breakfast where she made special melon smoothies and bacon just for me. I loved staying here. And you will too, whether or not you bring kids with you.

How to Get to Finca Marissa

The bed and breakfast is in Tinajo, which a small village a few kilometers from the beach. While most people stay in resorts to the south of the Lanzarote, we took a different path. It was mommy’s gift to dad. He really loves surfing and wanted to be able to get up super duper early while we slept and catch a couple of the famous waves at La Santa and Famara. It took about 30 minutes from the airport to get to the finca. Renting the car took forever. Mom says we should stop taking the cheapest car on because it always means we end up waiting an hour to rent since everyone else took the same deal. Maybe we’ll take the second cheapest. Live and learn.

Real HOT Tubs Not Just Tiny Pools

In America where I grew up, Jacuzzis are always hot. It is why we call them HOT TUBS. In the Canaries though, when you go to a spa or find a hotel with a Jacuzzi, it is never hot. They should just be honest and call them lukewarm tubs. It is always disappointing when you want to feel the burn. But when we arrived, I dipped my little pinkie toe into that hot, luxurious, bubbling jacuzzi. And squealed with joy. We haven’t seen mommy this happy, except when getting hugs, in years.

We tried three different Jacuzzis. There are two huge public ones in different parts of the yard. So you can have privacy, sorta. And our little yard had a private one too. Watching Mary Poppins under the stars at night in a hot tub is where its at. Until your little brother splashed the iPad and mom gets mad.

The pool is not warm. At all. It is dang cold. But it was still fun. It’s a weird shape and is wrapped around the game room. It has a shallow part, a deep part, and a secret hideout with beanbags.

Game Room & The Playground

In the backyard is a lovely game room. Dad says it looks like they do yoga and massage for adults. But Sojourn was excited to play tiny table soccer (foosball) and hand pool. Technically, it might be called billiards here, but Sojourn couldn’t use a stick as he isn’t tall enough, so we let him roll the balls by hand. The playground on the other side of the yard has a playhouse, a medium trampoline, and a bunch of scooters, and other toys. Oh, and a goat! She was nice… and furry.

Tasty Breakfast

The owner was super sweet and made me a special breaky. I have a sensitivity to oranges, so she made me fresh melon smoothies every morning. She also found out how much I like bacon, and made fried eggs and bacon. She had some really great teas. Sojourn liked the chocolate milk and ate a fresh croissant every morning. They had cereal, yogurt, three kinds of quesadillas, tortilla española, pound cake, egg toast, brochetas, all kinds of fancy coffees for mom. It was a super nice spread.

Way Beyond Basic.

Our room was really nice. Sojourn and I had our own beds in the living room. The couch beds were more comfortable than the bunk beds and other beds I have slept in while traveling. Sojourn fell in love with the weird furry pillows. He really really did. He still talks about them. The bathroom was big and we had lots of space. Mom and dad were super happy with the whole place. 

We were really close to a few different towns with yummy restaurants. Dad really loved the burger from the Italian restaurant the owner recommended but the pizza was too spicy. Warning, the browny had nuts in it, which is just wrong, and ruins a perfectly good desert. We also went to a tapas place in La Santa, which had really yummy garlic shrimp, galiciean octopus. As always, I love the padrone peppers with the big chunks of sea salt.