Crocodile Park


Quick Facts

Fun meter: It was fun
Location: Agüimes, Gran Canaria
Adventure: Activity
Type: Zoo
Time: Open Fri – Sun 10:30-16:30. 2-3 hours was plenty of time.
Level of difficulty: Easy
Good for what ages: All ages.
Cost: 9 – 16 euro general and 4 – 7 euro for residents.
Access: A touch confusing to get there, but plenty of parking.
Hint: There are a few shows with crocs, birds and other animals at 12.30, 14.00 &16.00 but have changed during virus. See the schedule.


Crocodile park isn’t your normal zoo. It is an animal rescue center!!! I saw tigers, monkeys, baboons, lamas, snakes, parrots, cranes, funky chickens, fluffy bunnies, giant tortoises, lemurs, and lots and lots of crocodiles. Giant crocodiles, small crocodiles, baby crocodiles, sleeping crocodiles, swimming crocodiles, eating crocodiles, alien crocodiles… ok not really… all different kinds of crocodiles…too many crocodiles

How to Get to Crocodile Park

Ok dad, your turn. On it kiddo!!! Crocodile Park is hidden up in the hills on the east side of Gran Canaria. From highway 1, it is 10 minutes along a slightly narrow road. The way there isn’t technically complicated, but our map program seemed to get confused a couple times with roundabout that had multiple options. There are two parking lots, a tiny one right in front of the main entrance, and a larger one 100m before you arrive. The tiny one is usually full on a weekend or day with nice weather. There is a giant crocodile statue out front the climb on and takes photos. That might have been the twins favorite part.

So Mannnnnnnny Reptilessssss

My little brother Sojourn’s favorite animals at the park were the snakesssss…… especially the giant albino anaconda. Sojourn has a book about snakes he makes dad read almost every week and he was excited to see real ones. We saw all types of reptiles, lizards, snakes, turtles… and lots and lots of crocodiles. The snakes were so cool, they were wrapped up all around the branches. The little kids loved it. 

The park had hundreds of crocodiles. All over the place. We didn’t get seats for the show and just stood in the corner. It would have been more fun if we got seats. The shows are at 12.30, 14.00 &16.00, so come early. The show was cool for a few minutes but then I got bored and so did the littles. They feed the crocodiles whole chicken and meat. It was cool to watch but they seemed pretty full and were not interested. 

Afterwards, dad and I got to hold a tiny croc. That was pretty cool. Its belly was smooth. ¡¡¡Que Guay!!!

A Flight of Birds

The bird feeding show was really cool. The space was a giant bird cage that we could only enter during the show. and inside there were all types of animals roaming freely: parrots, cockatoos, cranes, chickens, and bunnies. Then we were seated on logs and watched as they feed the animals. Some got fruit, some nuts and they threw raw pieces of meat for the biggest birds. They were as tall as Sojourn.The birds got so close to me that I could have touched them but I was scared that they would bite me. This was dad’s favorite part.

Looks at the Mammals Mama!

We only saw the tiger’s butt. It was a white tiger, but I guess it wanted some privacy. This part of the park had different types of monkeys, lamas, horses, pigs, cattle. Unlike the crocodiles, we could feed and pet the horses, lamas, cows and pigs. Mom felt a bit sad for the monkeys as the cages are kinda small and got mad at other visitors behaving like wild animals throwing things into the cages. The little kids loved the tortoise and watched them for a while. They are a lot faster than the old fables say.

The Restaurant Isn’t Serving Hotness

WARNING: the restaurant is not serving hot food, probably because of the virus. Dad convinced them to make mixtos (hot cheese and ham sandwiches). But you should probably pack a lunch as there are no other options near by.

All in all, this is absolutely worth the trip. The littles were happy, I had fun, and would go back.