El Confital Beach and Overlook


Quick facts

Fun meter: Pretty Interesting
Location: La Isleta, Gran Canaria
Adventure: Hike
Type: Coastal
Time: 1.5 hour tour
Level of difficulty: Medium. Lots of climbing up and down
Good for what ages:5+.
Cost: Free
Hint: The bathrooms are closed during Covid.


El Confital is a wild rocky natural reserve at the top of Gran Canaria. There are no houses but people live in the caves, just like the Croods did, on the cliffs. There is great surfing and good hiking. We explored the tide pools, climbed on ruins and hiked to the lookout where we could see a beautiful view of Las Palmas. It’s a pretty big climb, so bring water and some tunes.

How to Get There

Dad’s turn! El confital has a nice dirt parking lot, but getting in and out is an adventure. You could lose a child or break an axle in those potholes. We tend to park on the street right before it becomes a one lane road and then walk on the path. La Isleta is a warren of one way streets, so don’t expect to go out the same way you went in. Google maps holds on for dear life, so give yourself extra time if you are in a hurry.

The Boardwalk

There were a ton of surfers and boogie boarders in the water. These are not beginner waves. Daddy was excited to watch. The light was gorgeous because the rain clouds and the sun were dancing. We played on the wooden boardwalk along the beach. On weird shaped benches and cool rocks and tide pools. I needed to go potty, but the bathrooms were locked. Sad Serenity.

The Ruins

We walked past the boardwalk along dirt trails and noticed ruins further up the coast. A quick five minute walk and we climbed onto the top. Dad thinks it’s an old monastery. I hope it was a tiny castle. Mom thinks it’s a bunker because there is an army base close by. It is pretty small. There were a couple of men fishing from the top.  

Next to the ruins there is a beach with tidepools. There were SOOOO MANY shells. And then I stepped on the head of a huge dead fish… EWWWWWWW. Sojourn thought it was funny. I’m still kinda mad at him for laughing when I freaked. On the way back, a grasshopper ran into me. Be careful of nature there, it’s tricky.  🙂

The Overlook

We walked up the hill while listening to music. It was pretty steep, so if you are a little baby or an old grandma, I don’t think you will be able to do this. It took Sojourn and dad about 40 minutes from the bottom to the top. We were waiting for them and messing around. Mom kept dancing and shadow boxing to the music all the way up the mountain. Mom likes to embarrass me. Dad is making me post this video because he thinks mom is really awesome.

When we got to the giant cross at the top lookout, we admired the beautiful view and took lots and lots and lots and lots of photos. Common dad, get over it. Sojourn was acting really weird, and maybe kinda cute. He’s totally obsessed with dinosaurs right now and kept hoping around roaring. 

On the way down, we peaked at the caves people live it. They just pour trash out their front door and it smells gross. I guess being a cave person isn’t very glamorous in 2020. For the last part of the walk, we walked the road instead of down the steep hill and dad advises anyone with kids to do the same.