Playa de Amadores


Quick Facts

Fun meter: Super fun
Location: Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria
Adventure: Beach
Type: Protected sand cove
Time: As long as you want
Level of difficulty: Easy
Good for what ages: All ages
Cost: Free beach and parking
Hint: The playground is not free, it does cost money.


On New Year’s Day, our friends have a tradition of heading to the beach. Yes, you heard me correctly, the beach. I love living here! It was sunny and hot, and the water got my blood running. We went to Playa de Amadores down in the south. It is a beautiful white sand beach on the edge of steep cliffs. This part of the island is warm when everywhere else is cold. Even when the clouds came in, it was nice out. Amadores has a huge floating playground that kept up bouncing for hours. We had so much fun there.

How To Get There

Put “Playa de Amadores” in your phone and it will get you directly there. It took us about 45 minutes from Las Palmas. It was a low drama drive. Your parents won’t argue with the lady on the phone or each other because you pretty much just take one road. At least until it’s time to park. Playa de Amadores is just off the highway GC1 along the southern coast of Gran Canaria. Take the GC500 exit and then a couple of roundabout and you’ll find parking. There is a bunch of public parking spots right in front of the beach which fill up pretty early. No fear, there is a huge series of parking lots to the right when facing the beach next to the beach club and the mini golf.  

Pretty beach

Amadores is definitely not a rugged and wild beach. Someone designed every centimeter. There is a fancy club, nice restaurants, mini golf and a beautiful white sand cove. The beach is free, and was pretty crowded even without any tourists on the island. Maspalomas/Playa Ingles is the most popular place with tourists, but it gets super windy there. Amadores is protected and almost always sunny.

The beach has no waves because it is protected by a big seawall. It was as flat as a lake. The littles love going there. The water was clear and super beautiful but cold in January!!! It took us 10 min to get to my shoulders in the water. I usually bring a small wetsuit, but my friend Yaruti didn’t have one and I didn’t want her to feel bad. We had fun taking pictures and exploring.

The Floating Playground At Amadores Beach

Dad paid 10 euros per kid for my friend and I to go out to the playground for 45 minutes. You could also play all day for €25. It is open from 11h – 19h all year. If you are under 7, your parents have to come with you. It wasn’t crowded and they didn’t seem to care about time. We even swam all the way back to the beach and they didn’t notice. I bet we could have stayed there all day and they wouldn’t have noticed. But maybe it is different when all the tourists are here and there is a line.

The playground has a bunch of different things to do. The balance beams were tricky to cross without falling into the water. We loved launching each other. Well more like flopping. One person would lay down on the front of a big cushion and the other person would jump on and send them flying. There was a trampoline in the middle you could jump on. I really liked climb up the big platform and then sliding or jumping off. It was hard to stay on so we fell off a lot, and I mean A LOT. At the end when we were done with playing and we were cold, we just swam all the way back to the beach. It was a fun day and I absolutely want to do it again.