La Cumbrecita


Quick Facts

Fun meter: Really amazing
Location: La Palma
Adventure: Hike
Type: Forest
Time: 1.5 hours
Level of difficulty: Easy
Good for what ages: All ages
Cost: free
Hint: You have to reserve a parking spot


This is an amazing hike for littles and adults. We walked a short, lovely loop through beautiful green pine trees. The views of the mountains are big and awe inspiring. I feel silly using so many extravagant descriptions, but it was that spectacular.

How to Get There

This viewpoint and hike gives you a panoramic view of the National Park of the Caldera de Taburiente. It’s also the starting point of several hiking trails. But you can’t just show up. Reservations are required to get access and it fills up quickly. We had to book a few days ahead of time. They recommend 2 hours for the kid route and half day for the big one. Even with lunch, we were there less than two hours.

The Loop Hike

We walked the 2.5km loop on a beautiful day. It is a perfect place to walk for all ages, especially kids my age and younger.  We started off the hike at the official parking lot.

It is a bit hilly and got hot. Bring a hat, water, sunscreen and don’t wear flip flops. My mom knows that. But I forgot my hiking shoes and mom was so nice and let me wear her shoes. Can you believe we are the same size? And she went in flip flops. Thanks a ton mom, you are the best.

There are really slippery pine leaves. Poor mom was sliding everywhere in her flip flops. Sojourns just glided on his butt.

When we first started I went off ahead to explore the path first. You can´t get lost, the trail is so well marked. It is a single trail through the woods with many small ups and downs. Every 20 minutes, we would find a viewpoint to see the incredible view. While you don’t need to, bring a picnic. It’s so nice to just hang out and enjoy. It was a great hike.