Elder Science & Technology Museum


Quick Facts

Fun meter: Pretty darn fun
Location: Las Palmas, Gran Canaria
Adventure: Activity
Type: Museum
Time: 2-3 hours
Level of difficulty: Eazy peazy lemon squeezy.
Good for what ages: All Ages.
Cost: 2€ for kids, 3€ for resident adults. A few add-ones cost for planetarium and fancy games.
Access: parking underneath and right off the freeway.
Hint: Santa Catalina park is right out front and has a fab playground.


The ultimate kid’s rainy day activity in Las Palmas is either Poema Del Mar or the Elder museum. I love to play the virtual reality games, climb in full sized airplanes, crack the code on puzzles and experiments, learn about the stars, practice surgery, and do art projects. We can touch everything and no one gets made when we run and shout. Sojourn says it’s the best museum ever.

Special note, some of these photos are from before the corona virus and we didn’t have to wear masks. Everyone is Spain HAS TO WEAR A MASK. Please show me that you care about my family’s life when you visit.

Video Games

A whole part of the museum specialises in video games. Dad loved the VR games, although they made him feel sick to his tummy. When you put on the helmet, it feels like you are in the game. There was a cool dancing game, a street racer, a sports ball game and my favorite were I got to explore an old Egyptian tomb. Not all the games are VR. Sojourned loved to pilot a tugboat on the simulator. My very favorite, although we had to pay an extra 2 euros was the giant racing rally car that moves with the video game, and has pedals and a steering wheel. It was my first time driving and I only crashed a few times! There is also a whole fortnight area but I’m not really into that and Sojourn is too young. The green screen is a fun way to be in your own movie.


Sojourn and I were really excited about the real planes. Zooooooom….. whoooooshhhhhhhh…

Early Flight

I wish we could get into this one as well but it hands from the roof. You can see it pretty well from the second floor

Pilot a Jumbo Jet!

They have a full jumbo jet outside. It is the same type I ride in to get to the peninsula. But compared to the other planes at the airport, this one felt very, very small. There are seats for the passengers and we had fun making the adults buckle up, and serve them snacks. We even got to explore the cockpit where the pilot flies the plane and you can TOUCH EVERYTHING….. SO MANY BUTTONS. Just make sure to use hand sanitizer afterwards..

Fighter Jets (pew pew pew)

We barely squeezed in there together, but there were so many buttons that we got to switch and play without getting in trouble. It sits way high in the middle of the museum and you have to climb a giant ladder to get in.

Robot roller coaster

When we first saw the enormous robot hand, I was excited to try. It looks awesome. So I got on it with mom, but I got so freaked out that I made them stop to let me off. This is definitely not for little kids, or big scaredy cats. I didn’t feel so bad because dad refused to even try it. It’s so weird how he is willing to surf gigantic waves most people would never try, but won’t go on a roller coaster like this one. Neither he or I like going upside down and we both get motion sickness. If you love that feeling, this could be your favorite part. I have two friends Elena and Lizette who I think will love it.

We didn’t get a picture of me doing it, so we borrowed this one from trip advisor.

Mom strapped herself into a crazy hamster ball, designed to make you throw up. I would never ever ever ever do that to myself. But mommy giggled the whole time. Check out her face. You can’t tell from the photo, but she is spinning super fast.


We’ve only been to the Planetarium once but it was so cool. You sit in the seat and look at the ceiling and they would show you the stars and the constellations. It’s pretty tiny really compared to the one I went to in California. The whole session lasted about 20 minutes and you have to be quiet and still the whole time. Right next to the planetarium was a scale which showed how much I would way on each planet.

Animal Bones & Medical Chickens

On the second floor to the back there is a whole section where there are all kinds of animal skeletons from species that live on the canary islands.  They were cool but Sojourn wished that they were dinosaur bones. That section was closed on this visit, so no photos.

Mom had so much fun playing doctor. They have a surgery area where you can take a person’s body apart and put it back together. Mom is kind of a doctor, but she studied genetics not medicine. It was hard to pull her away when we were done. Dad was poking at the animal models and did a humpty dumpty to the poor chicken. We never actually figured out how to put it back together again. Sorry chicken little. Guess your sky really did fall (apart).

Science Means EXPERIMENTS!!!

On the second floor there is a whole floor of experiments that we can try out. They are always so fun to play with. We got to see how powerful pulleys are – I lifted heavy objects with 1 pulley, 2 pulleys, and then 3 pulleys. They are like super muscle extenders. Sojourn likes to play with the flying ball that floats on the air pushed by a fan. Experiment of all kinds… about movement, force, electricity, perspective and more.

At one of the top floors there is a section where you try to complete all of these different kinds of puzzles. My friend loved it. She spent like 40 minutes there. 

Measuring Battery Power
Fun Level: okay

Gears Move the World
Fun Level: Weeeee for 2 seconds

Building Blocks
Fun Level: Sojourn Approved

The Magic Floating Ball
Fun Level: Maximum

Let There Be Knowledge (Canary Style)

At the top floor there is a section where it talks all about the science research in the canary islands. And they explain why our island is such a good place for studying nature. The ocean floor goes down quite a ways right at the edge of the island.They even made a model of it.

Explorer robot to map the ocean

My Grandparents work with PLOCAN!!!

The ocean floor of the canary islands.

Making the Most of Masks

Every time we go, they have a fashion show. Mom’s favorite are the Carnival dresses. They had two of them this time, but the star of the show are modern masks. They don’t seem very comfortable and I feel sorry for the models who have to wear them. But they are pretty cool and very weird. There was a tentacle one that reminds dad of the underwater octopus captain of the Pirates of the Caribbean.