Palmitos Park


Quick Facts

Fun meter: The ultimate OKAY
Location: Maspalomas, Gran Canaria
Adventure: Activity
Type: Amusement Park
Time: 3-5 hours
Level of difficulty: Steep climbs and running late for shows make it hard for little kids and people who don’t walk well.
Good for what ages: All Ages.
Cost: Kind of expensive, even with the resident discount. The priced food is ouch!!!
Hint: Do the two bird shows together at 14:30 &15:00 so you only need to climb the mountain once.


Palmitos park is a zoo with an amazing collection of birds. And dolphins!! And lots of other small exhibits with reptiles, monkeys, fish and more. Dad seemed more interested in the plants, and there are a whole lot of them, but that is just weird. This zoo is in a giant canyon and the animals are up and down the hillside. I wish there was an elevator since I wasn’t in the mood for so much hiking.

We’ve lived here for 2.5 years and had never visited Palmitos park. Sojourn and I were sad when we realized it wasn’t “Palomitos” park. My little brother was looking forward to a whole park of popcorn.

How To Get There

Getting to Maspalomas is fast and easy. Just get on the main highway and watch out for the speed cameras. The park is deep in a canyon, on a small windy road. It seems like you are going into the middle of nowhere. Because you are!! Watch out for the British tourists who seems to drift to the wrong side of the road making this a real adventure. There is plenty of parking. It was worth buying tickets ahead of time online to get the discount.

The Bird Shows

There were two bird shows. The birds flew all around us. And over us. And between us. I had to keep ducking to avoid getting hit. The early show was just eagles and falcons. The late show was a double header, first with exotic birds including parrots, cockatoos and vultures and then the second show with birds of prey. They let gigantic bald eagles fly freely over the valley but I don’t understand how they get to come back. 

I´m still pretty mad at dad for making us run up to the top of the mountain to see the bird show TWICE. Don´t be like us. Go at 2:30 and see the back to back shows. And take your time and head there early because it’s a steep climb that never ends. Sure mom, we’re “almost there”. It felt like a kilometer straight up. They closed the stands right on time and it’s way better from the stands because they have the birds fly through the stands right overhead. I liked the show quite a lot but it was dad’s favorite part of the visit.

The Cockatoos

The cockatoos were so funny!!! Two of them kept copying Sojourn singing ”na na nanana”. Best moment ever.

The Free Range Birds

There were three large spaces where we just walked in and the birds were everywhere. You could try to hug a flamingo if you wanted to, but don’t do it, that would be dangerous. You could chase a peacock, or an ibis, guinea hen, and get inches from parakeets of all colors and sizes.

The Monkeys

The gibbons monkeys were soo loud you could hear them across the whole valley. They swung and jumped and climbed. There was a mama monkey with a tiny baby hanging onto her tummy. I was worried the baby was going to fall off but it held on even when mama was flying.

The Dolphins

I want to be a marine biologist on some days. And the dolphin trainer job looks amazing. The dolphins look so happy. They like fish and having their belly rubbed. Sojourn wants to be an octopus trainer. Or maybe a giant squid riding knight. The dolphins did flips, huge jumps, played with balls and performed a musical. For an extra 30 euros you could pet the dolphins. We passed.

The Rest of the pack

Sojourn loves the Komodo dragon. It was like a seal and a dinosaur had a giant lizard baby. They had giant albino python snakes, spiky lizards, and monster tortoises. We visited the small aquarium which had a few neat looking fish including the world scariest creature: Moreau eels. At the butterfly house, we saw only about 10 butterflies in total so disappointing .

The Plants

There were also a lot of pretty plants that dad thought were awesome but I thought were actually pretty boring. Except for the orchid garden, those flowers were very pretty. They were all kinds of purple like my shirt.

The Food

I am very glad that the restaurant was open but the food was really expensive… 10 € for a hotdog, no thank you. And the hot dogs didn’t even look good. The pizza was ok and the chicken nuggets, french fries, and veggies were good but sooooo overpriced.

we didn’t actually take pictures of the food so here is mom and dad