Holiday World


Quick facts

Fun meter: Amazing
Location: Gran Canaria
Adventure: Activity
Type: Amusement Park
Time:3 – 4 hours
Level of difficulty: Super Easy
Good for what ages: All ages
Cost: 14,90€ for kids, 10,90€ for adults, and 5,90€ for seniors


I discovered Holiday World about a year ago after they finished fixing it up super nicely. It is a very small amusement park with about 10 rides for kids my age and some other rides for younger kids. I loved it so much that I went to it 3 times in only 5 weeks. It is the best place to go if you want to have a fun day out in the south with your kids or friends. I think it is one of the best places to go on the island that is not a hike or beach. They have bowling, escape rooms, karaoke, video games and tons of super nice restaurants too.

How to Get There & The Best Time

Holiday World is in Maspalomas in the south of Gran Canaria. It is a few blocks from the freeway. Parking is always a challenge, so if you are meeting people, leave some time for the hunt. I normally give directions, but this is so easy, just put it in your phone. =)

The park really fills up in the evenings. Canarians don’t typically like to adventure out mid-day. It’s hot! But that is the perfect time to maximize your time on rides. There are no lines at all around 15h. Bring sunscreen and hats.

The Little Kids Area

Five year olds don’t usually want to get dropped from 50 meters in the sky or go around in a loop super fast or go upside down. And they are too short anyways. That is why there is a little kids area, where young kids can go on all of the small rides. They have a merry-go-round, tiny kid bumper cars, little roller coasters, bumper boats, ball pits, climbing areas and so much more.

The Food Court

Even at an amusement park, you still have to eat. The food game at Holiday World is STRONG. They have an outdoor food hall with dozens of restaurants. There have classic fast food such as pizza, hotdogs, fries and burgers. But way better are the poke bowls. You could design your own and they were actually delicious.

My parents got some crazy vegan feast. Dad says he would absolutely come back here just for the food if we lived closer. I went there with one of my friends on a different day and I got a hot dog and a coke for only 5€, it was awesome and delicious, the food there is a win.


The Planes

At the entrance there are the planes which fly in giant loops that you can control. They look like they only go in a circle but that is not true. They actually go upside down a whole bunch. If you move the wings up or down, you go upside down a lot more than if you didn’t. I would never move the wings but my friends love to do it so it goes crazy upside down. If you don’t move the wings, you still end up upside down, but only as part of the big loop. It is awesome!!!

The Upside-down Ride

Ready to fall head over heels? This ride is the scariest and only has 4 people go at a time. The line can be really slow. It tumbles you over and over and then flips you upside down like crazy. It is my favorite ride!!!

The Roller Coaster

When my friend said that we were going to go to the “Montaña rusa” I thought they wanted to sneak out and go somewhere else. It actually means “roller coaster” in Spanish. Wonder why they give Russia credit?!? The first roller coaster was invented in 1884 in New York City. The roller coaster is the perfect roller coaster in my opinion. It doesn’t go upside down but it goes up and down, and a little bit sideways. It was Incredible!!! 

The Pirate Ship

The pirate ship is way better than I expected. It swings back and forth super duper high. I went on a giant banana that is like the same ride as that one in America. The only difference, other than it being a pirate ship, are the cages. At either side of the ship is a big cage that fits 4 people. You stand up in the cages as it goes straight up, and if you are daring enough, you could jump and float at the top of the arc. Jumping is the best part. Hint: If you stand sideways, you can jump so much higher because you are not looking down, meaning you are not nearly as scared.

The Massive Sky Drop

The sky drop was one of the first rides that I really enjoyed. You sit on a long bench with your feet hanging into the void. They shoot you way high into the sky, and then drop you. It makes my stomach tickle. I wonder how often someone throws up and it flies all over everyone? It is absolutely incredible!!!

Ride The Bulls

The bull are one of the mellowest rides for the older kids. You get on it, 4 at a time (one or 2 people pur bull). Then the music starts and the bulls move back and forth, trying to throw you off. Warning: when it is really hot out, your legs get stuck to the padding and they really hurt.

The Bumper Cars

The bumper cars are some of my friend’s favorite ride. They are all of what you would expect from bumper cars. But it is kind of hard for me since I am pretty tall and don’t fit. I kept bumping my leg on the car. I don’t like it very much because it hurt so much when people crashed into me. Maybe if the cars were bigger?

Welcome to

The 3d Moving Experience

This is a really neat ride!!! They have an immersive 3D movie and have seats for 8 people that move and shake. We wear 3d glasses to make it come to life. Of all of the mini-movies I saw, the canyon coaster is my favorite. I’m going to give you a hint, go there when you first get there, it gets really crowded later in the day and the wait is brutal.

The Bumper Boats & The Carousel

My brother couldn’t go on the bigger kid rides. His two favorites this time were the bumper boats and the carousel. The boat line is one of the longest. Everyone loves it so don’t be surprised even mid day when you have to wait 30 minutes. The boat has enough room for a parent and a kid. The carousel is like any other carousel that I have ever been on. The only difference is that there is a second floor of the carousel. When I was with my friend, we went off the carousel to let our bellies settle after we ate. But we went onto the tea cups and spun as fast as we could for like 5 min. So, that didn’t do anything to help my tummy.

Birthday Parties

Holiday world is great for big birthday parties. They have a birthday room, lots of benches, food and cake. And the ball pit / jungle gym is right next to the birthday room for the littles. When most other places were closed during the quarantine, somehow Holiday world was open for business and birthdays.