The Dinosaur Robots


Quick Facts

Fun meter: Amazing
Location: Gran Canaria
Adventure: Activity
Type: Museum
Time:20-30 min
Level of difficulty: Super easy
Good for what ages: All ages
Cost: 30€ for a family of 4 or 9€ each


The traveling dinosaur robot circus is open for 1 month here in Gran Canaria between april 30th-may 30th. It was a bit expensive but was worth every euro. My little brother adores dinosaurs. There are a bunch of robot dinosaurs that move up and down and shake their tail feathers. There is a long, and kinda gross, video about dinosaurs. It was a super fast visit and is awesome!!!

How to Get There

The attraction is set up in the plaza de musica en Las Palmas, Gran Canaria next door to the Auditorio in Guanarteme. There is free parking across the street at Centro Comercial Las Arenas, and you can get food right along las canteras or on the top of the mall. Our favorite place nearby is Smoothy Galaxy and Hipopotamo pizza.

The Dinosaur Robots

Enter a huge tent full of dinosaurs. Literally full of dinosaurs, well… dinosaur robots. They are awesome and just HUGE. As tall as our apartment. We went there for my brother’s birthday and it was the perfect place to go. The dinosaurs move just enough for it to be fun, interesting and intriguing but aren’t too scary. There were all types of dinosaurs. I don’t know the names, but my little brother will name them now. There were: t-rex, spinosaurus, brontosaurus, triceratops, plesiosaurus, elasmosaurus, velociraptor, parasaurolophus, tranadons,  and so many more. The noises were pretty loud, so if you have a little, you might want to stay close. It takes about 20 minutes if you are looking at everything.

Welcome to

The Movie

At the end of the second tent was a movie playing. We learned how a spinosaurus catches food in the water, or how Allosaurus would fight each other. Warning: the images are not kid friendly at all and get pretty gross. Like dinosaurs eating each other in close detail. Serious yuck. I’m 12, and I finally walked off.

We did not take a picture of the movie space, so enjoy this random Pteranodon.

The Gift Shop

There is a dinosaur themed gift shop at the end selling all kinds of dinosaur toys. Mom let Sojourn and I pick out a small toy to share. We chose a white dinosaur toy that we could paint. We did it together in the afternoon. He keeps it in his room and now he has a toy that he painted himself.