Natural salt pools at Bañaderos


Quick Facts

Fun meter: Really cool
Location: Gran Canaria
Adventure: Beach
Type: Salt pools
Time: Up to you
Level of difficulty: Super easy
Good for what ages: All ages
Cost: Free


They call them “natural pools” in Spanish. Which is weird because they are totally man made. Banaderos is the first real beach side town on the north coast of Gran Canaria after Las Palmas. It has a cute little boardwalk with a couple restaurants and these great swimming holes. They are large pools that filled with salt water at high tide and are calm and lovely at low tide.. It even had some fish in the water. It was fun to swim in them, but there was not a lot to look at, unlike fish corner in Pena la Vieja. Perfect place for a hot day.

How to gt there

It’s actually a bit tricky. Take highway 2 from Las Palmas towards the west. Although if you ask anyone they will say it is toward the north. Just an odd local thing. The exit for Bañaderos is in a right line that is separate from the freeway, so you have to know the exit and pay attention because it isn’t marked. Then just go straight and park in the spots by the bridge / cove. From there just walk to the paseo. To the right of the cove is a lovely sand cove and to the left are the salt pools. Lots of people learn to surf in this cove.

The Salt Pools

The salt pools are much bigger than I expected. They cover a big stretch of the paseo and there are multiple sections. Even though it was summer, the water was cold, so my brother and I both wore a wetsuit. The locals never wear wetsuits and just get used to the cold, but I figure, why not be comfortable. It’s just more fun that way.

At the side of the pools, close to the paseo, it starts out very shallow and it gets deeper the further out you go. It gets deep enough that even dad and I couldn’t stand. That means that it is a good place for kids, teens and adults alike. There is a metal walking path along the edge of the pools, which is key, because it gets crazy slippery. Sojourn decided to go running on the rocks aaaaaaand crash. Sad kid. He stopped bleeding really quick but we both learned to be super careful.

You can’t go if it is high tide because then the walls of the pool will be covered with water and you will not be able to go swimming there. It is the same if there are huge waves. Make sure to check the weather and tide before you go. 

Welcome to

The Lounge

There wasn’t any sand by the pools. Everyone was stretched out on a big stone patio. Lots of people brought chairs and umbrellas. Bring a bit of extra padding if you plan to camp out for a while. And hats and water. There is no shade. Sojourn and dad played football there for a while with a beachball. There were a lot of kids even though it was still morning. The restaurants were super busy, so I recommend you book ahead.

Beach and Playground

We walked from the salt pools to a small playground on the other side of the cove. It had swings, and a couple other structures. Nothing fancy. Just past the playground is a sand beach which is super protected from the waves and wind. We haven’t hung out there yet but dad is excited to go with us on a day where the surf is good.