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Stay Warm in Autumn: Roasted Pumpkin Soup

Barranco de Mascuervo

Barranco de Mascuervo has a flat tree lined riverbed with long climbing hills on both sides. We chose a looping trail that climbed up the side of the canyon to get big views, and then came back down to a steep trail to play in the shade of the canyon.

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Natural salt pools at Bañaderos

The Salt Pools The salt pools are much bigger than I expected. They cover a big stretch of the paseo and there are multiple sections. Even though it was summer, the water was cold, so my brother and I both wore a wetsuit. The locals never wear wetsuits and just get used to the cold,…

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The Cross of Teror

In the hills above the town of Teror are all kinds of ecosystems. Fern forests. Cactus and succulent fields. Eucalyptus groves. We hiked up to the electric christian cross overlooking the town. It wasn’t all that long but it went up and up and up. We climbed 420 metres!!! Crazy right. It looked over the entire village of Teror, the views were amazing. The trail is a loop, which I like better.

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