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Stay Warm in Autumn: Roasted Pumpkin Soup

El Charco Azul

There is no cell signal in El Risco. So if you are looking to coordinate with people or update your map once you get there, too late. Plan ahead.  The parking lot for the Charco Azul is right off the main highway. Just map Bar Perdomo, El Risco in your phone. About 100m before it,…

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The Turtle Rescue Center

The turtle research centre raises and rescues injured sea turtles. This is a private research building and you need to know someone to get a tour. You can peek through the fence though if you are walking along the coast at playa del hombre.

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The Fish & Abalone Farm

We got a private visit to an active abalone research farm! An abalone is a shellfish with the prettiest shell you ever saw. Plocan is the marine research center of the Canary Islands. They also study fish, seaweed and all kinds of other critters.

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